Bulletin Supplement

Editor: Patricia Sutcliffe


The GHI published an annual Supplement to the Bulletin from 2004 until 2020. Most issues of the Supplement present a selection of papers from conferences, workshops, or panel series organized by the GHI. Some grew out of GHI programs for advanced graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, such as the Young Scholars’ Forum. Perhaps more strongly than other GHI publishing projects, the Supplement demonstrates the Institute’s commitment to interdisciplinary research as well as to its collaboration with partners outside of academia such as the Goethe-Institut and the Wende Museum (Los Angeles).


Andrea Westermann & Onur Erdur, eds.

Histories of Migrant Knowledge: Transatlantic and Global Perspectives

Bulletin Supplement 15 (2020)

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Paul Lerner & Joes Segal, eds.

Alternative Realities: Utopian Thought in Times of Political Rupture

Bulletin Supplement 14 (2019)

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Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson & Anja Schüler, eds.

Forging Bonds Across Borders: Transatlantic Collaborations for Women’s Rights and Social Justice in the Long Nineteenth Century

Bulletin Supplement 13 (2017)

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Hartmut Berghoff & Uwe Spiekermann, eds.

Immigrant Entrepreneurship: The German-American Experience since 1700

Bulletin Supplement 12 (2016)

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Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson, Marcia Chatelain, & Sharon Monteith, eds.

Staging a Dream: Untold Stories and Transatlantic Legacies of the March on Washington

Bulletin Supplement 11 (2015)

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Jan Logemann & Mary Nolan, eds.

More Atlantic Crossings? European Voices and the Postwar Atlantic Community

Bulletin Supplement 10 (2014)

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Uwe Spiekermann, ed.

Stasi at Home and Abroad: Domestic Order and Foreign Intelligence

Bulletin Supplement 9 (2014)

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Hartmut Berghoff & Richard Wetzell, eds.

German Historical Institute at 25

Bulletin Supplement 8 (2012)

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