Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson & Anja Schüler, eds.

Forging Bonds Across Borders: Transatlantic Collaborations for Women’s Rights and Social Justice in the Long Nineteenth Century

Bulletin Supplement 13 (2017)




Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson and Anja Schüler

New Women's Biography

Transatlantic Freethinker, Feminist, and Pacifist: Ernestine Rose in the 1870s
Bonnie S. Anderson

Speaking Truth to Divergent Powers: Margaret Fuller, Bettina von Arnim and the Broken Bond
Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos

Women's International Networks

Transatlantic Networks for Legal Feminism, 1888–1912
Sara L. Kimble

Reform Claims in Family Law and Legal Struggles of the Bund Deutscher Frauenvereine within the International Council of Women, 1888-1914
Marion Röwekamp

A Rare Colored Bird: Mary Church Terrell, Die Fortschritte der farbigen Frauen, and the International Council of Women’s Congress in Berlin, Germany, 1904
Noaquia N. Callahan

Women in Social Movements

Abolitionists Abroad: Women, Travel, and Abolitionist Networks
Stephanie J. Richmond

The World Woman’s Christian Temperance Union: An Early Transnational Women’s Organization and Its Work in India, 1883-1900
Lori Osborne

The Transatlantic Exchange of Knowledge

A Transatlantic Network: American and German Women in the Kindergarten Movement
Ann Taylor Allen

Aletta Jacobs and the Dutch Cap: The Transfer of Knowledge and the Making of a Reputation in the Changing Networks of Birth Control Activists
Mineke Bosch