Uwe Spiekermann, ed.

Stasi at Home and Abroad: Domestic Order and Foreign Intelligence

Bulletin Supplement 9 (2014)



Preface and Acknowledgments
Uwe Spiekermann


Introduction: The Stasi and the HV A: Contemporary Research and Contemporary Resonance
Uwe Spiekermann

The Context: America's Relationship with the GDR
Robert Gerald Livingston

The Stasi and East German Society

Participatory Repression? Reflections on Popular Involvement with the Stasi
Gary Bruce

The Stasi and East German Society: Some Remarks on Current Research
Jens Gieseke

Between Myth and Reality: The Stasi Legacy in German History
Konrad Jarausch

The Stasi and the SED State

The Socialist Unity Party (SED) and the Stasi: A Complex Relationship
Walter Süß

The Stasi and the Party: From Coordination to Alienation
Jefferson Adams

The Hauptverwaltung A: Insights

SA-CIA-HV A: Dr. Emil Hoffmann and the "Jungle of the Secret Services" (1934-1985)
Douglas Selvage

Aspects of Crisis and Decline of the East German Foreign Intelligence in the 1980s
Georg Herbstritt

The Hauptverwaltung A and the KGB

Bruderorgane: The Soviet Origins of East German Intelligence
Benjamin B. Fischer

Cooperation between the HV A and the KGB, 1951-1989
Paul Maddrell