Bulletin of the German Historical Institute

Editor: Richard Wetzell with the assistance of Atiba Pertilla


The Bulletin of the German Historical Institute, published twice a year in English, is the major publication organ for informing the international scholarly community about the research and activities of the Institute. The Bulletin’s content reflects a four-pronged publication strategy: First, it informs its readership about the GHI’s academic programs and publications, featuring reports on all GHI conferences. Second, the Bulletin publishes research articles by GHI Research Fellows and Stern Dissertation Prize winners in order to disseminate the work of junior scholars to an international audience. Third, it publishes GHI lectures delivered by leading historians, thus making the best research of senior historians – many of them from Germany – available in English for readers across the world. Fourth, in order to promote research areas of special interest to the GHI, the Bulletin’s fall issues feature thematic sections devoted to those topics. 

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Bulletin 72 (Fall 2023)

Forum: The German Treatment of Soviet Prisoners of War During The Second World War

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