Jan C. Jansen & Kirsten McKenzie, eds.

Mobility and Coercion in an Age of Wars and Revolutions

Publications of the German Historical Institute. Cambridge University Press, 2024.

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The political upheavals and military confrontations that rocked the world during the decades around 1800 saw forced migrations on a massive scale. This global history brings this explosion into full view. Rather than describing coerced mobilities as an aberration in a period usually identified with quests for liberty and political participation, this book recognizes them as a crucial but hitherto under-appreciated dimension of the transformations underway. Examining the global movements of enslaved persons, soldiers, convicts, and refugees across land and sea, Mobility and Coercion in an Age of Wars and Revolutions presents a deeply entangled history. The book explores the binaries of 'free' and 'unfree' mobility, analyzing the agency and resistance of those moved against their will. It investigates the importance of temporary destinations and the role of expulsion and deportation and exposes the contours of a world of moving subjects integrated by overlaps, interconnections, and permeable boundaries.

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