Bulletin 55 (Fall 2014)

Forum: The Challenge of Biography


Feature Articles

  • What Crisis? Speculation, Corruption, and the State of Emergency during the Great Depression
    Martin H. Geyer

Forum: The Challenge of Biography

Edited by Atiba Pertilla and Uwe Spiekermann

  • The Challenges of Biography: European-American Reflections
    Volker Depkat
  • Legitimizing Biography: Critical Approaches to Biographical Research
    Levke Harders
  • Counting Who Counts: Method and Findings of a Statistical Analysis of Economic Elites in the New York Region, 1947
    Clifton Hood
  • Writing Biography as a History of Networks: Why the Story of J.P. Morgan Needs Jacob H. Schiff
    Susie J. Pak
  • Living the American Dream? The Challenge of Writing Biographies of German-American Immigrant Entrepreneurs
    Atiba Pertilla and Uwe Spiekermann
  • Biography in the History Classroom: Challenges and Applications
    Isabelle Schmitz

GHI Research

  • The Challenge and Promise of Girl Scout Internationalism: From Progressive-Era Roots to Cold War Fruit
    Emily Swafford

Conference Reports

  • Obesity, Health, and the Liberal Self: Transatlantic Perspectives on the Late Nineteenth and Late Twentieth Centuries
    Uwe Spiekermann
  • Los Angeles as a Site of German-American Crossings
    Uwe Spiekermann
  • Histories of Humanitarianism: Religious, Philanthropic, and Political Practices in the Modernizing World
    Sonya Michel and Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson
  • Migration during Economic Downturns: From the Great Depression to the Great Recession
    Elisa Minoff
  • A Hands-on Approach: The Do-It-Yourself Culture and Economy in the Twentieth Century
    Reinhild Kreis
  • Twentieth Transatlantic Doctoral Seminar: Nineteenth-Century German History
    Anna von der Goltz
  • War and Childhood in the Age of the World Wars: Local and Global Perspectives
    Mischa Honeck, Susanne Quitmann, and Stina Barrenscheen
  • Informal and Everyday Markets: Histories of Business and Entrepreneurship in India since the Nineteenth Century
    Christina Lubinski and Sebastian Schwecke