Feature Articles

  • The Straits of Europe: History at the Margins of a Continent
    Johannes Paulmann
  • Europe from the Outside In: A Comment
    Helmut Walser Smith
  • Timeless, Modern, and German? The Re-Mapping of Bavaria through the Marketing of Tourism, 1800-1939
    Adam Rosenbaum
  • At Home in Almanya? Turkish-German Spaces of Belonging in West Germany, 1961-1990
    Sarah Thomsen Vierra
  • 1989: How We Lost Political Alternatives
    Ingo Schulze

GHI Research

  • An Empire of Youth: American Boy Scouts in the World, 1910-1960
    Mischa Honeck
  • European Imports? European Immigrants and the Transformation of American Consumer Culture from the 1920s to the 1960s
    Jan Logemann

Conference Reports

  • 20th Archival Summer Seminar in Germany
    Clelia Caruso
  • Bright Modernity: Color, Commerce, and Consumption in Global Perspective
    Uwe Spiekermann
  • The Cold War and American Music, 1945-2000
    Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson, Bärbel Harju, Angelika Möller
  • Bosch Foundation Archival Seminar for Young Historians 2012: American History in Transatlantic Perspective
    Mischa Honeck
  • The Trial of Adolf Eichmann: Retrospect and Prospect
    Lindsay Macumber
  • Immigration and Entrepreneurship: An Interdisciplinary Conference
    Clelia Caruso, Jessica Csoma, Bryan Hart, Kelly McCullough, Atiba Pertilla, Benjamin Schwantes, Uwe Spiekermann
  • The Transnational Significance of the American Civil War: A Global History
    Matthew Karp
  • Translating Potential into Profits: Foreign Multinationals in Emerging Markets since the 19th Century
    Corinna Ludwig and Paula de la Cruz-Fernandez