Feature Articles

  • Who Still Talked about the Extermination of the Armenians? Imperial Germany and the Armenian Genocide
    Margaret Lavinia Anderson
  • Restitution Policy and the Transformation of Holocaust Memory: The Impact of the American "Crusade for Justice" after 1989
    Jan Surmann

Forum: The German Foreign Office and the Nazi Past

  • The German Foreign Office and the Past
    Norbert Frei and Peter Hayes
  • The German Foreign Office Revisited
    Christopher R. Browning
  • The German Foreign Office, the Nazi Dictatorship, and the Holocaust
    Johannes Hürter
  • Skeletons in the Filing Cabinet
    Holger Nehring
  • Hitler's Brown Diplomats
    Volker Ullrich

GHI Research

  • Lives in Limbo: Statelessness after Two World Wars
    Miriam Rürup
  • Rethinking the Ford-Nazi Connection
    Stefan Link

Conference Reports

  • Going Global: Internationalization Pathways for Family Firms during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
    Berti Kolbow
  • Crime and Punishment: Criminal Justice in Modern Europe, 1870 - 1990
    Richard F. Wetzell
  • Secularization and the Transformation of Religion in the United States and Germany after 1945
    Uta Andrea Balbier
  • Economic Crime and the State in the Twentieth Century: A German-American Comparison
    Mario Daniels
  • Regulation between Legal Norms and Economic Reality: The German and American Experiences
    Cathrin Gehlen
  • 17th Transatlantic Doctoral Seminar: Early Modern German History
    Richard F. Wetzell
  • Feeding and Clothing the World: Cash Crops and Global History in the Twentieth Century
    Fritz Georg von Graevenitz
  • Second Junior Scholars Conference in German-Jewish History
    Miriam Rürup
  • Writing Post-1970 History: Conceptualizing the Late Twentieth Century in German and American Historiography
    Reinhild Kreis
  • Risk and Uncertainty in the Economy: Historical, Sociological, and Anthropological Perspectives
    Jens Beckert and Hartmut Berghoff
  • 19th Archival Summer Seminar in Germany
    Mario Daniels