Feature Articles

  • Footnote or Footprint? The German Democratic Republic in History
    Donna Harsch
  • What's in This Footnote? World History!
    Thomas Lindenberger
  • The Diplomatic Path to German Unity
    Frank Elbe
  • From Destruction to Preservation: Jewish Sites in Germany and Poland after the Holocaust
    Michael Meng
  • German Immigrants and the Arc of American Citizenship during Reconstruction
    Alison Clark Efford
  • Banking Crises in Three Countries, 1800-1933: An Historical and Comparative Perspective
    Richard Tilly

GHI Research

  • Dangerous Meat? German-American Quarrels over Pork and Beef, 1870-1900
    Uwe Spiekermann
  • "A Miracle Bean": How Soy Conquered the West, 1909-1950
    Ines Prodöhl

Conference Reports

  • Kaleidoscopic Knowledge: On Jewish and Other Encyclopedias in Modernity
    Ines Prodöhl
  • Falling Behind or Catching Up? The East German Economy in the Twentieth Century
    Uta Andrea Balbier
  • African-American Civil Rights and Germany in the Twentieth Century
    S. Marina Jones and Martin Klimke
  • Germans' Things: Material Culture and Daily Life in East and West, 1949-2009
    Benita Blessing and Leonard Schmieding
  • Medieval History Seminar 2009
    Carola Dietze and Jochen Schenk
  • The Decline of the West? The Fate of the Atlantic Community after the Cold War
    Jennifer Rodgers and Katrin Schreiter
  • Beyond the Racial State: Rethinking Nazi Germany
    Patrick Gilner