Feature Articles

  • "Between Kosovo and Iraq: The Process of Redefining the Transatlantic Relationship"
    Joschka Fischer
  • "America Among Empires? Imperial Analogues and Imperial Syndrome"
    Charles Maier
  • "Myths and Peculiarities: Comparing U.S. and German Capitalism"
    Colleen Dunlavy & Thomas Welskopp

GHI Research

  • The Right to Privacy: Debates and Meanings in American Political and Legal History
    Markus Hünemörder
  • Foreign Cuisine in West Germany
    Maren Möhring

Conference Reports

  • Histories of the Aftermath: The European "Postwar" in Comparative Perspective
    Robert Moeller
  • Max Weber: A Passionate Thinker
    Joachim Radkau
  • Environmental History and the Cold War
    Thomas Robertson
  • Beyond the Nation: U.S. History in Transnational Perspective Young Scholars Forum 2007
    Uwe Lübken
  • Epitaph for the Bonn Republic: Interpreting the Political Theory of Jürgen Habermas, 1984-1996
    (Mid-Atlantic German History Seminar)
    Marion F. Deshmukh
  • The Lives of Others: East Germany Revisited?
    Steven Pfaff
  • New European Dynamics in Promoting Science and Humanities: Challenges and Opportunities for the United States and Europe
    Bryan Hart & Gisela Mettele
  • German History, 1945-1990: Thirteenth Transatlantic Doctoral Seminar in German History
    Richard F. Wetzell
  • Mass Migration and Urban Governance: Central European Cities in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries in Comparative Perspective
    Ulrike von Hirschhausen
  • Gender, War, and Politics: The Wars of Revolution and Liberation-Transatlantic Comparisons, 1775-1820
    Katherine Aaslestad & Judith Miller
  • The Uses of Immigrant Letters
    Walter D. Kamphoefner
  • Exploring Transnationalism in Environmental History: Park System Planning, River Floods, and Livestock Diseases in the North Atlantic World
    Dorothee Brantz & Sonja Dümpelmann
  • Toward a New Transatlantic Space? Changing Perceptions of Identity, Belonging, and Space in the Atlantic World
    Corinna R. Unger
  • Archival Summer Seminar in Germany, 2007
    Corinna R. Unger
  • Constructing Cities: Text, Imagination, Material Remains, and History
    Miriam Czock & Anja Lutz
  • Fellows Seminars, Spring/Summer 2007
    Anke Ortlepp