Feature Articles

  • Europe: "A Community of Memory?" (20th Annual Lecture, November 16, 2006)
    Aleida Assmann
  • Comment on the Annual Lecture
    Peter Novick
  • "Bridging the Oder: Reflections on Poland, Germany, and the Transformation of Europe"
    Gesine Schwan and Janusz Reiter
  • "Fact, Truth, and Fiction: An Interview with Novelist Frederick Reuss"

Stern Prize

  • Cosmopolitan Conservatism: Transnational Elite Politics in the German-American Atlantic of the Nineteenth Century and the Dialectic of Commerce and Community
    Lars Maischak

Helmut Schmidt Prize

  • A Plea for a Rapprochement between History and Economic History
    Volker Berghahn

GHI Research 

  • Terror in the Nineteenth Century: Political Assassinations and Public Discourse in Europe and the United States, 1878–1901
    Carola Dietze
  • Mass Migration and Local Politics in Chicago and Vienna, 1850–1938: Some Questions, Some Hypotheses
    Marcus Gräser
  • Public Spirit in Suburbia? The Garden City as Civic Experiment
    Gisela Mettele
  • Friendly Skies? A Cultural History of Air Travel in Postwar America
    Anke Ortlepp
  • Coca-Cola History: A “Refreshing” Look at German-American Relations
    Jeff R. Schutts
  • Modernization à la Mode: West German and American Development Plans for the Third World
    Corinna R. Unger

Conference Reports

  • Historical Development of World Rivers
    Dorothy Zeisler-Vralsted
  • The Forgotten Generation: The First Generation of Spanish Immigrants in Hamburg
    Anke Ortlepp
  • Bucerius Seminar 2006: American History and American Archives
    Andreas Etges
  • Parsing Prussian Personality—Christian Thomasius and the Psychogram: Edmund Spevack Memorial Lecture
    Richard F. Wetzell
  • Award of the Franz Steiner Prize
    Ulrich Bachteler
  • A Resource Rediscovered: The Reopening of the German Society of Pennsylvania Library
    Frank Trommler
  • Fifteenth Annual Symposium of the Friends of the GHI and Award of the Fritz Stern Dissertation Prize
    Richard F. Wetzell
  • The Five Germanies He Has Known: Symposium in Honor of Fritz Stern
    Carolin Brinkmann and Thrine Kane
  • Arnold Brecht (1884–1977): Democratic Civil Servant and Political Scholar in Berlin and New York
    Corinna R. Unger
  • Fellows Seminars, Fall 2006
    Dirk Schumann