Bulletin 37 (Fall 2005)

Forum: The Measure of Atrocity the German War against the Hereros


Feature Articles

  • "Performing the World: Reality and Representation in the Making of World Histor(ies)"
    Arif Dirlik
  • "What Future for the West? Reflections on an Enlarged Europe and the United States in the Twenty-First Century" (6th Gerd Bucerius Lecture, June 29, 2005)
    Timothy Garton Ash

Forum: The Measure of Atrocity the German War against the Hereros

  • The Military Campaign in German Southwest Africa, 1904–1907
    Isabel Hull
  • Coming to Terms with the Past
    Gesine Krüger
  • Annihilation in Africa: The “Race War” in German Southwest Africa (1904–1908) and its Significance for a Global History of Genocide
    Jürgen Zimmerer
  • Further Reading

GHI Research

  • Simone Lässig: How German Jewry Turned Bourgeois: Religion, Culture, and Social Mobility in the Age of Emancipation
  • Sonja Dümpelmann: The Park International: Park System Planning as an International Phenomenon at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

Conference Reports

  • Teaching World History
    Eckhardt Fuchs and Karen Oslund
  • War in an Age of Revolution
    Roger Chickering
  • Crossing the Atlantic: European Dimensions of American History: Young Scholars Forum 2005
    Thomas Adam and Christof Mauch
  • Raising Americans—Raising Europeans in the Twentieth Century
    Dirk Schumann
  • German History, 1890–1930: Eleventh Transatlantic Doctoral Seminar
    Richard F. Wetzell
  • Selling Democracy: Productivity and Propaganda in the Service of American Foreign Policy
    Jonathan Skolnik and Julia Driesen
  • Rethinking Embourgeoisement and the Jews of Germany: Second Annual Joint Symposium of the Leo Baeck Institute and the GHI
    Jonathan Skolnik
  • Revisiting 1806: Napoleon and German Central Europe Midatlantic German History Seminar at the GHI
    Marion Deshmukh
  • Animals in History
    Dorothee Brantz and Christof Mauch
  • The Pursuit of Public Happiness: Gardens and Parks in Europe and North America
    Sonja Dümpelmann
  • Turning Points in Environmental History
    Frank Uekötter
  • Archival Summer Seminar
    Astrid M. Eckert
  • Comparisons in German and American Film
    Edward Dimendberg and Anton Kaes
  • Fellows Seminars, Spring 2005
    Dirk Schumann