Feature Articles

  • "Europeanizing German History" (18th Annual Lecture of the GHI, November 18, 2004)
    Ute Frevert
  • Comment on the Annual Lecture
    David Blackbourn
  • "The Closest of Strangers: German-American Relations in Historical Perspective" (5th Gerd Bucerius Lecture, September 27, 2004)
    W. Michael Blumenthal
  • Dramatizing German History: Michael Frayn on Democracy

Stern Prize

  • Alsace to the Alsatians? Visions and Divisions of Alsatian Regionalism, 1890–1930
    Christopher Fischer
  • Images of the Ideal: Sports, Gender, and the Emergence of the Modern Body in Weimar Germany
    Erik Jensen

GHI Research

  • How Parasites Make History: On Pork and People in Nineteenth-Century Germany and the United States
    Dorothee Brantz
  • Guns, Gun Culture, and the Roots of the Second Amendment
    Michael Lenz
  • “The North Begins Inside”: Imagining Iceland as Wilderness and Homeland
    Karen Oslund

Conference Reports

  • Bucerius Seminar 2004: American Archives and American History
    Andreas Etges
  • Access – Presentation – Memory: The American Presidential Libraries and the Memorial Foundations of German Politicians
    Astrid M. Eckert
  • The Atlantic Community Unravelling? States, Protest Movements, and the Transformation of US-European Relations, 1969–1983
    Bernd Schaefer
  • Competing Modernities: The United States of America and Germany since 1890
    Christof Mauch and Kiran Klaus Patel
  • Adolph Cluss, Architect: From Germany to America
    Alan Lessoff
  • The Role of Germany and Europe in the World: 15 Years After the End of the East-West Conflict: German Unification Symposium
    Jonathan Skolnik
  • Citizen Activism and the Quest for the Sustainable City: Berlin, 1900 to the Present
    Keith Alexander
  • Science and Technology in the Twentieth Century: Cultures of Innovation in Germany and the United States
    Michael Eckert and Helmuth Trischler
  • Happening with a Royal Touch: John F. Kennedy and the Germans: Edmund Spevack Memorial Lecture
    Richard F. Wetzell
  • Thirteenth Annual Symposium of the Friends of the German Historical Institute
    Birgit Zischke
  • The Measure of Atrocity: The German War Against the Hereros Revisited
    Meredith McKittrick
  • GHI Fellows Seminars, Fall 2004
    Dirk Schumann