Feature Articles

  • "The Global Situation: A European Point of View" (4th Gerd Bucerius Lecture, September 17, 2003)
    Helmut Schmidt
  • "The Idea of Freedom in American History" (17th Annual Lecture, November 20, 2003)
    Eric Foner
  • Comment on the Annual Lecture
    Jürgen Kocka
  • "The Historical Profession in Germany and America: Interviews with the Presidents of the American Historical Association and the German Historikerverband" (James M. McPherson and Manfred Hildermeier, interviewed by Christof Mauch and Richard F. Wetzell)

Stern Prize

  • Acting Czech, Marking Germans: Nationality Politics in Bohemia and Moravia, 1939–1947
    Chad Bryant
  • Knowledge and Nationalism in Imperial Germany: A Cultural History of the Association of Saint Charles Borromeo, 1890–1914
    Jeffrey T. Zalar

GHI Research

  • Modernizing the Waters: Pollution and Political Ideology in Hamburg, 1900–1961
    Charles E. Closmann
  • Shifting to Confrontation: Herbert Marcuse and the Transformation of the American Student Movement
    Michael Frey
  • Cold War Critiques from Abroad: Beyond a Taxonomy of Anti-Americanism
    Max Paul Friedman
  • “Make it a Greenpeace”: The History of an International Environmental Organization
    Frank Zelko

Reports on Conferences, Symposia, Seminars

  • Sexuality in Modern German History
    Richard F. Wetzell
  • Gendering Modern German History: Rewritings of the Mainstream
    Christine von Oertzen
  • Nazi Crimes and the Law
    Nathan Stoltzfus
  • Great Expectations: John F. Kennedy and the “Thousand Days”
    Andreas Etges
  • Cold War Memory: Interpreting the Physical Legacy of the Cold War
    Keith Allen and Christian Ostermann
  • The Private Sphere and Public Order: West German Debates about Education, Family, and Sexuality in the 1950s and 1960s
    Dirk Schumann
  • German Unification Symposium: Jens Reich’s Reflections on My Country Before and After 1989
    Bernd Schaefer
  • Reflecting on the Past, Envisioning the Future: New Perspectives in German-Jewish Studies
    Frank Mecklenburg
  • Atlantic Crossings? Transcultural Relations and Political Protest in Germany and the United States, 1958–1977
    Martin Klimke, Carla MacDougall, and Wilfried Mausbach
  • Is the EU Complete Without Turkey? Opportunities and Challenges for Europe’s Identity and the Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union and the United States
    Dirk Schumann
  • Forms of Religious Community Creation in Modern Society
    Simone Lässig
  • Medieval History Seminar
    Patrick Geary
  • How Valid are Comparisons? The American Occupation of Germany Revisited
    Robert Gerald Livingston
  • Immigrants and the Republic: German Catholics in Nineteenth-Century America
    Christof Mauch
  • Death in Modern Germany
    Dirk Schumann, Monica Black, and Alon Confino
  • American Museums: Putting Visitors First
    Hans-Martin Hinz
  • Twelfth Annual Symposium of the Friends of the GHI and Award of the Fritz Stern Dissertation Prize
    Charles Closmann
  • Rivers in History: Designing and Conceiving Waterways in Europe and North America
    Christof Mauch and Thomas Zeller
  • Adorno In America: German Exiles and the American Experience
    Keith D. Alexander
  • GHI Fellows Seminars Fall 2003
    Dirk Schumann