Feature Articles

  • "In Search of a Nineteenth Century" (16th Annual Lecture, November 14, 2002)
    Jürgen Osterhammel
  • Comment on the Annual Lecture
    Ira Berlin
  • "Between Political Reconnaissance Work and Democratizing Science: American Studies in Germany, 1917–1953"
    Philipp Gassert
  • "American History in Germany: The View of the Practitioners" (Norbert Finzsch, Hans-Jürgen Grabbe, Detlef Junker, and Ursula Lehmkuhl, interviewed by Astrid M. Eckert)

Stern Prize

  • Julia Roos: Weimar’s Crisis Through the Lens of Gender: The Case of Prostitution
  • Rebecca Wittmann: Telling the Story: Survivor Testimony and the Narration of the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial
  • GHI Research
  • Ari Sammartino:Suffering, Tolerance, and the Nation: Asylum and Citizenship Policy in Weimar Germany
  • Thomas Zeller: Consuming Landscapes: The View from the Road in Germany and the United States, 1910–1995

Conferences, Symposia, Seminars

  • America in Germany—Germany in America
    Christof Mauch
  • German-American Encounters after World War II and the Holocaust
    Alexander Freund
  • The Difficult Path to Unity: East German Mentalities and their Transformation after 1990
    Bernd Schäfer
  • The Fight for the Files: Captured German Records after World War II
    Astrid M. Eckert
  • Exceptionalism in European Environmental History
    Christof Mauch
  • Landscapes and Roads in North America and Europe: Cultural History in Transatlantic Perspective
    Christof Mauch and Thomas Zeller
  • Medieval History Seminar 2002
    Christoph Strupp
  • Emotions in Early Modern Europe and Colonial North America
    Vera Lind
  • Fritz Stern Dissertation Prize Symposium
    Richard F. Wetzell
  • Commissioning History in the United States, Germany and Austria: Historical Commissions, Victims, Restitution and World War II
    Richard F. Wetzell
  • Art and Society in Europe in the Long Nineteenth Century: Connections and Comparisons
    Deborah Cohen
  • GHI Fellows Seminars
    Dirk Schumann