Thomas Adam & Uwe Luebken, eds.

Beyond the Nation: United States History in Transnational Perspective

Bulletin Supplement 5 (2008)



Thomas Adam and Uwe Luebken

Cosmopolitanism and Philanthropy in the Early American Republic
Amanda Bowie Moniz

Anointing the "Uncrowned King of Ireland": Charles Stewart Parnell's 1880 American Tour and the Creation of a Transatlantic Land League Movement
Ely M. Janis

State Sovereignity in a Transnational World: U.S. Consular Expansion and the Problem of Naturalized Migrants in the Habsburg Empire, 1880-1914
Nicole Phelps

Philanthropy, Peace Research, and Revisionist Politics: Rockefeller and Carnegie Support for the Study of International Relations in Weimar Germany
Katharina Rietzler

Caribbean Leaven in the American Loaf: Wilfred A. Domingo, the Jamaica Progressive League, and the Founding of a Decolonization Movement for Jamaica
Birte Timm

W. E. B. Du Bois, Nazi Germany, and the Black Atlantic
Christina Oppel

Teaching the World: Globalization, Geopolitics, and History Education at U.S. Universities
Katja Naumann