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Migrant Knowledge - Writing knowledge into the history of migration and migration into the history of knowledge

The purpose of this website, Migrant Knowledge, is to foster and disseminate research at the nexus of migration and knowledge studies. Migrating people—social actors with agency—are the main focus. Thus "migrant knowledge." At the same time, there is room for interesting work on knowledge about migrants, especially if such research helps us to understand migrant knowledge. The two are frequently entangled. 

This website aims to stimulate the further growth of a network of scholars working on migrant knowledge and related subjects. The focus is historical, but Migrant Knowledge embraces perspectives from any scholars undertaking such research, regardless of discipline. 

Migrant Knowledge gives concrete form to a broad research effort of the German Historical Institute Washington (GHI). Migrant knowledge became an explicit focus of the GHI with the advent of Simone Lässig’s tenure as director in late 2015. Since that time, there have been conferences, workshops, seminars for young scholars, panel series at the German Studies Association's annual conferences, and special journal issues. At the center of all this is the GHI's Pacific Regional Office at UC Berkeley. This bureau was established in 2017 to facilitate work with major research institutions on the West Coast and to benefit from the broad impact on this region of its specific constellations of European, Latin American, Asian, and Pacific Islander migration.

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    • Notices

      Thursday, 02. May 2019 - Call: Workshop, Migration and Racism (deadline June 15, 2019) Program: Conference, In Global Transit (May 20–2, 2019) Crowdsourced Project: German-American Letters

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    • Following the Archives: Migrating Documents and their Changing Meanings

      Thursday, 18. April 2019 - NICK UNDERWOOD reflects on how files he had expected to find in Paris for his study of Franco-Yiddishness during the interwar period had, in fact, migrated elsewhere. He uses his surprise to discuss the part played by rescued or stolen documents in "the migratory history of knowledge and...

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    • Calls and Grants

      Thursday, 28. March 2019 - Summer school, University of Bern (due April 30) Research grant for Immigration History Research Center Archives (due June 1) Conference, London School of Economics (due June 30)

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    • A Little Advice: Syrian American Advice Booklets as Knowledge Production

      Wednesday, 27. March 2019 - STACY D. FAHRENTHOLD discusses the significance of a 1909 Syrian American advice book for Ottoman subjects planning to emigrate to the United States. The Arabic-language text included knowledge about the would-be immigrants' specific rights in America and the important self-fashioning necessary...

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    • Marginal Knowledge: The Transnational Practices of Latin American Mennonites

      Saturday, 23. March 2019 - BEN NOBBS-THIESSEN examines the personal geographies of some Mennonites in Latin America who "have exercised a paradoxical degree of mobility" despite their well-known horse-and-buggy appearance. (2,117 words)

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