Cordula Grewe & Dietrich Neumann, eds.

From Manhattan to Mainhattan: Architecture and Style as Transatlantic Dialogue, 1920–1970

Bulletin Supplement 2 (2005)




From Manhattan to Mainhattan: Reconsidering the Transatlantic Architectural Dialogue
Cordula Grewe and Dietrich Neumann


A Cathedral of Work and New Social Life: The Contribution of Max Berg to the German Skyscraper Debate
Beate Störtkuhl and Jerzy Ilkosz

Skyscrapers and Healthy Cities: Walter Gropius and Martin Wagner between Germany and America
Jeffry Diefendorf

Proportions and Politics: Marketing Mies and Mendelsohn
Kathleen James-Chakraborty

“Germanic” Structure versus “American” Texture in German High-rise Building
Adrian von Buttlar

Berlin’s Europa-Center (1963–65): Amerikanismus, Consumerism, and the Uses of the International Style
Alexander Sedlmaier

Counter-Architecture and Building Race: Cold War Politics and the Two Berlins
Peter Müller

From an “Alien, Hostile Phenomenon” to the “Poetry of the Future”: On the Bauhaus Reception in East Germany, 1945–70
Wolfgang Thöner

New York Skyscrapers, Made in Hamburg: Jerry Cotton as Visual Educator
Peter Krieger

The Bauhaus, Transatlantic Relations, and the Historians
Volker R. Berghahn


Paper Skyscraper: The Representation of “Tall Buildings” in Austrian and German Commercial Art, 1920–40
Christian Maryška