Frank Zelko, eds.

From Heimat to Umwelt: New Perspectives on German Environmental History

Supplement 3 (2006)



Frank Zelko

Environmental Protest in Wilhelmine Berlin: The Campaign to Save the Grunewald
Jeffrey K. Wilson

Nature Conservation in the Age of Classical Modernity: The Landesausschuss für Naturpflege and the Bund Naturschutz in Bavaria, 1905-1933
Richard Hölzl

The World According to Harro: Mentalities, Politics and Social Relations in an Early Modern Coastal Society
Marie Luisa Allemeyer

Urban Needs and Changing Environments: Regensburg’s Wood Supply from the Early Modern Period to Industrialization
Martin Knoll

Nature as a Scarce Consumer Commodity: Vacationing in Communist East Germany
Scott Moranda

German Colonialism and the Beginnings of International Wildlife Preservation in Africa
Bernhard Gißibl

Did They Know What They Were Doing? An Argument for a Knowledge-Based Approach to the Environmental History of Twentieth-Century Agriculture
Frank Uekötter