Feature Article

  • Greetings Delivered at the Official Opening of the Institute's New Building
    Hartmut Lehmann, German Historical Institute
    Hans-Ludwig Schreiber, Volkswagen Foundation
    Samuel R. Gammon, American Historical Association
    Heinz Riesenhuber, Federal Ministry of Research and Technology

Accounts of the Conferences Sponsored and Co-Sponsored by the Institute in 1991

  • "Holocaust and Shilumim: The Policy of Wiedergutmachung in the Early 1950s." New York, March 1991. 18
  • "In and Out of the Ghetto: Jewish-Gentile Relations in Late Medieval and Early Modern Germany." Los Angeles, May 1991. 23
  • "Chosen People Themes in Western Nationalist Movements, 1880–1920." Washington, D.C., June 1991. 25
  • "Continental European Migration and Transcontinental Migration to North America." Bremerhaven, August 1991. 27
  • "Political Philosophy. The Influence of German Emigrants on American and German Political Thought after World War II." Boulder, Colorado, September 1991. 30
  • "Women in the Emigration after 1933." Washington, D.C., November 1991.