Descriptions of Research Projects

  • German-Speaking Refugee Scholars of the Thirties at Historically Black Colleges"
    Gabrielle Simon Edgcomb
  • "History of the Prison System in the United States, 1776 to 1860"
    Norbert Finzsch
  • "Imperialism and Slavery. The Expansion of the Southern States, 1812-1860"
    Stig Förster
  • "Washington, Bonn, and the Problem of Nuclear Sharing and Nuclear Control in the 1950s"
    Axel Frohn
  • "The Office of Strategic Services and the German Anti-Hitler Opposition During World War II"
    Jürgen Heideking.
  • "The German Bürgertum, 1750-1950"
    Kenneth F. Ledford
  • "Enemy Aliens and the American Home Front in 19 World War I"
    Jörg Nagler
  • "Gender and Social Stability. The Restructuring of West German Society 1945 to 1955"
    Hanna Schissler