• Capitalism and the Jews Revisited
    Jerry Z. Muller
  • Capitalism and the Jews Revisited: A Comment
    Miriam Rürup
  • Defining the Modern Metropolis: Universal Expositions from the Mid-Nineteenth to the Mid-Twentieth Century
    Friedrich Lenger
  • The Prussians of the East: Samurai, Bushido, and Japanese Honor in the German Imagination, 1905-1945
    Sarah Panzer
  • “A Wild, Ungovernable Thing”: Risk and Insurance during the Beginnings of American Independence, 1770-1840
    Elisabeth Engel

Conference Reports

  • Financialization: A New Chapter in the History of Capitalism?
    Laura Rischbieter
  • Fourth Junior Scholars Conference in German-Jewish History: “Heritage” in the Study of Jewish and Other (Diaspora) Cultures - The Search for Roots as a Recurring Theme of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century History
    Adrienne Wallman and Anne Schenderlein
  • Bosch Foundation Archival Summer School for Young Historians 2015: American History in Transatlantic Perspective
    Mischa Honeck
  • Contested Visions of Justice: The Allied War Crimes Trials in Global Context, 1943-1958
    Lisette Schouten and Valentyna Polunina
  • Medieval History Seminar 2015
    Natalie Anderson
  • Atlantic Brotherhoods: Fraternalism in Transcontinental Perspective, 1770-1930
    Jan C. Jansen