Feature Articles

  • History Lived and History Written: Germany and the United States, 1945/55-2015
    Charles S. Maier
  • Between Recovery and Decline: Observations of an Economic Historian on the Obama Years and Beyond
    Hartmut Berghoff
  • Security, Privacy, and the German-American Relationship
    Loch K. Johnson
  • In Search of Atlantic Sociability: Freemasons, Empires, and Atlantic History
    Jan C. Jansen
  • From Sex in Colonial Africa to Anticolonialism in the Bedroom: Reflections on the African American Missionary Position
    Elisabeth Engel

Conference Reports

  • Germans in the Pacific World from the late 17th to 20th Century
    Sky Michael Johnston and Teresa Walch
  • Consumer Engineering: Mid-Century Mass Consumption between Planning Euphoria and the Limits of Growth, 1930s-1970s
    Julian Faust
  • Jewish Consumer Cultures in 19th and 20th Century Europe and America
    Uwe Spiekermann, Paul Lerner, and Anne C. Schenderlein
  • Twelfth Workshop on Early Modern Central European History
    Saskia Limbach
  • A Great Divide? America between Exceptionalism and Transnationalism
    Michael Kimmage
  • 21st Transatlantic Doctoral Seminar: Twentieth-Century German History
    Richard F. Wetzell
  • The Practices of Structural Policy in Western Market Economies since the 1960s
    Rüdiger Gerlach and Astrid M. Eckert
  • Nature Protection, Environmental Policy and Social Movements in Communist and Capitalist Countries during the Cold War
    Timothy J. Schmalz and Natalie Smith
  • The U.S. South in the Black Atlantic: Transnational Histories of the Jim Crow South since 1865
    Elisabeth Engel, Nicholas Grant, and Mischa Honeck
  • Archival Summer Seminar
    Elisabeth Engel