Feature Articles

  • How Americans Raise Their Children: Generational Relations over Two Hundred Years
    Paula Fass
  • How Americans Raise Their Children: A Comment
    Till Kössler
  • Knowledge Is Power: The Interwar German and Japanese Mass Media in the Making of the Axis
    Ricky Law
  • Americanization? Europeanization? Globalization? The German Economy since 1945
    Mary Nolan

GHI Research

  • "At Once Judge, Jury, and Executioner": Rioting and Policing in Philadelphia, 1838-1964
    Alexander Elkins
  • The Rise of the Toxic Politics of Migration: The United States at the Dawn of the 1960s
    Elisa Minoff

Conference Reports

  • Bosch Foundation Archival Summer School for Young Historians 2013
    Mischa Honeck
  • The Dream and Its Untold Stories: The March on Washington and Its Legacy
    Sharon Monteith
  • Eighth Medieval History Seminar, 2013
    Matthew Champion and Julia Crispin
  • Migrants as "Translators": Mediating External Influences on Post-World War II Western Europe, 1945-1973
    Lauren Shaw
  • The Consumer on the Home Front: World War II Civilian Consumption in Comparative Perspective
    Jan Logemann