Feature Articles

  • "Transnational Borderlands: Metropolitan Growth in the United States, Germany, and Japan since World War II" (19th Annual Lecture of the GHI, November 17, 2005)
    Kenneth T. Jackson
  • "The Suburbanization of German and American Cities"
    Adelheid von Saldern
  • "Historical Upheavals, Fractured Identities"
    Monika Maron
  • "German Institutes of Contemporary History: Interviews with the Directors."

Stern Prize

  • Strangers and Neighbors: The Tactics of Toleration in the Dutch Exile Community of Wesel, 1550–1590
    Jesse Spohnholz
  • Plastics and Dictatorship in the German Democratic Republic: Toward an Economic, Consumer, Design, and Cultural History
    Eli Rubin

GHI Research

  • In Pursuit of “Freedom”: African-, Anglo-, and German-American Alliances in the Abolition Movement
    Mischa Honeck
  • Migration, Citizenship, and Polish Integration in the Ruhr Valley and Northeastern Pennsylvania, 1870–1924
    Brian McCook

Conference Reports

  • Crossing Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Environmental History
    Uwe Lübken and Karen Oslund
  • Bucerius Seminar 2005: American History and American Archives
    Andreas Etges
  • U.S. Intelligence and the Gehlen Organization, 1945–1956
    James C. Van Hook
  • Competing Modernities: The United States of America and Germany Since 1890
    Christof Mauch and Kiran Klaus Patel
  • Translation, the History of Political Thought, and the History of Concepts (Begriffsgeschichte)
    Martin J. Burke
  • American Occupations: Germany 1945–1949, Iraq 2003–2005
    Rebecca Boehling
  • Medieval History Seminar 2005
    Patrick J. Geary
  • American Presidents and the Germans, 1945–2005
    Robert Gerald Livingston
  • Fritz Stern Dissertation Award and Symposium of the Friends of the GHI
    Richard F. Wetzell
  • The Place of Nature in the City in Twentieth-Century Europe and North America
    Dorothee Brantz and Sonja Dümpelmann
  • Fellows Seminars, Fall 2005
    Dirk Schumann