Feature Articles

  • "People on the Move: The Challenges of Migration in Transatlantic Perspective" (Third Gerd Bucerius Lecture, May 5, 2003)
    Rita Süssmuth
  • "Exceptionalism in European Environmental History"
    Joachim Radkau
  • "Theses on Radkau"
    John R. McNeill
  • "Transitional Justice After 1989: Is Germany so Different?"
    A. James McAdam

GHI Research

  • Authority in the “Blackboard Jungle”: Parents and Teachers, Experts and the State, and the Modernization of West Germany in the 1950s
    Dirk Schumann

Reports on Conferences, Symposia, Seminars

  • The German Discovery of America: A Review of the Controversy over Didrik Pining’s Voyage of Exploration in 1473 in the North Atlantic
    Thomas L. Hughes
  • From Manhattan to Mainhattan: Architecture and Style as Transatlantic Dialogue, 1920–1970
    David Lazar
  • Perceptions of Security in Germany and the United States from 1945 to the Present
    Georg Schild
  • Honoring Willy Brandt
    Dirk Schumann
  • Historical Justice in International Perspective: How Societies Are Trying to Right the Wrongs of the Past
    Bernd Schäfer
  • German History in the Early Modern Era, 1490–1790: Ninth Transatlantic Doctoral Seminar in German History, 2003
    Richard F. Wetzell
  • “Vom Alten Vaterland zum Neuen”: German-Americans, Letters from the “Old Homeland,” and the Great War: Mid-Atlantic German History Seminar
    Marion Deshmukh
  • Culture in American History: Transatlantic Perspectives: Young Scholars Forum 2003
    Christine von Oertzen
  • The June 17, 1953 Uprising—50 Years Later
    Jeffrey Luppes
  • American Studies in Twentieth-Century Germany
    Philipp Gassert
  • Summer Seminar in Germany 2003
    Daniel S. Mattern and Astrid M. Eckert
  • GHI Fellows Seminars
    Dirk Schumann