Feature Articles

  • "Violent Imagery in Late Medieval Piety" (15th Annual Lecture of the GHI, November 8, 2001)
    Caroline Walker Bynum
  • "Reverberations of Guilt and Violence, Resonances of Peace" (Comment on the Annual Lecture)
    Mitchell B. Merback
  • "The German Studies Association at Twenty-Five: Interviews with Gerald R. Kleinfeld, Mary Nolan, and Frank Trommler"
    Raimund Lammersdorf and Vera Lind
  • "European Perspectives on the War in Vietnam"
    Wilfried Mausbach

Stern Prize

  • "Ich kaufe mir den Kaiser!" Royal Relics and the Culture of Display in Nineteenth-Century Prussia
    Eva Giloi Bremner
  • The Currency of Socialism: Money in the GDR and German Unification, 1971-1989
    Jonathan R. Zatlin

GHI Research

  • Germans in India: Travel Writing and Global Cultures in the Twentieth Century
    Philipp Loeser
  • German Student Exchange Programs in the United States, 1946-1952
    Annette Puckhaber
  • Triangular Diplomacy Reconsidered: New Sources and American Foreign Policy, 1969-1976
    Bernd Schäfer

Conferences, Symposia, Seminars

  • Coming to Terms with the Past in West Germany: The 1960s
    Philipp Gassert and Alan Steinweis
  • Anti-Americanism in the Twentieth Century
    Patrice G. Poutros
  • A World at Total War: Global Conflict and the Politics of Destruction, 1937-1945
    Roger Chickering
  • Judging the Past in Unified Germany
    Robert Gerald Livingston
  • The Federal Chancellory and German Unification
    Bernd Schäfer
  • Individuality and Early Modern Autobiography before 1750
    Vera Lind
  • Germany in the Cold War Since the 1960s
    Raimund Lammersdorf
  • Across the Bridge: GIs in Germany
    Robert Grathwol and Philipp Gassert
  • Medieval History Seminar 2001
    Christoph Strupp
  • Tenth Annual Symposium of the Friends of the GHI and Award of the Fritz Stern Dissertation Prize
    Malve Burns
  • Global Hollywood: Rethinking the National, Transnationality, and Globalization
    Christof Mauch
  • Suicide in Early Modern Europe
    Vera Lind
  • The German Mission to Afghanistan, 1915-1916
    Hans-Ulrich Seidt