Bulletin 28 (Spring 2001)


  • Political Religion in Modern Germany: Reflections on Nationalism, Socialism, and National Socialism
    Wolfgang Hardtwig
  • Politics, Religion, and Ideology: A Comment on Wolfgang Hardtwig
    Jane Caplan
  • A Conversation with Fritz Stern American Spiritualism and German Sectarianism: A Comparative Study of the Societal Construction of Ghost Beliefs
    Johannes Dillinger

GHI Research

  • Africans in Early Modern German Society: Identity - Difference - Aesthetics - Anthropology
    Vera Lind
  • Penal Reform in Modern Germany, 1880-1945
    Richard F. Wetzell

Conferences and Workshops

  • The Claim to Social Resources: A Contested Issue in Transatlantic Perspective, 1776 to the Present
  • Doomed to Fail? East Germany's Collapse Revisited
  • Constructing Identity: Cold War Policies and the Promotion of Community in German-American Relations, 1950-1970
  • Business as Usual? Conceptions of German-American Economic Relations Under Hitler
  • German-Jewish Identities in America: From the Civil War to the Present
  • Magic Meets Enlightenment? New Types of Discourse in America and Germany in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
  • Exhibiting the Other: Museums of Mankind and the Politics of Cultural Representation
  • GIs in Germany: The Social, Military, and Political History of the American Military Presence, 1945-2000
  • Learning from Diversity in Federal Systems: Social Assistance in the United States, Germany, and the European Union
  • Green Protest: Activism to Protect the Environment Around the Globe
  • First Ladies in the United States and Europe: Institution and Image in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries


  • Ninth Annual Symposium of the Friends of the GHI/Fritz Stern Dissertation Prize
  • The Protracted War: Returning POWs and the Making of East and West German Citizens, 1945-1955
    Frank Biess
  • Cosmopolitan Visions and Municipal Displays: Museums, Markets, and the Ethnographic Project in Germany, 1868-1914
    H. Glenn Penny III