Conference and Workshop Reports

  • "America's War and the World: Vietnam in International and Comparative Perspectives."
  • "A Search for Genius in Weimar Germany: The Abraham Lincoln Stiftung and American Philanthropy."
  • Second Atlantik-Brücke/Deutsche Welle Media Conference: "The Fourth Power: Media and Democracy in a World of Concentration and Fragmentation."
  • "The American Impact on Western Europe: Americanization and Westernization in Transatlantic Perspective."
  • "Continuity, Change, and Globalization in Postwar Germany and America."

New Research Topics at the GHI

  • The Season of Thoughts Out of Season: Aesthetics, Religion, and Politics, 1814-1848
  • Gender Politics in Postwar Germany and America
  • World History, Multiethnic Society, and National Identity in Textbooks and Curricula in Germany and the United States