Conference and Workshop Reports

  • "America's War and the World: Vietnam in International and Comparative Perspectives."
  • "The International Financial System: Past and Present."
  • "A Challenge for the United States and Europe: The Vision of an Atlantic Civilization."
  • "Memory, Democracy, and the Mediated Nation: Political Cultures and Regional Identities in Germany, 848-1998."
  • "The Plurality of Publics: Metropolitan Culture and Performance in Germany Around 1900."
  • "Ostpolitik: Domestic and International Dimensions, 1962-1974."
  • "Fact or Fiction? The Historical Profession and James Bacque"
  • "Violence and Normality: Approaches to a Cultural and Social History of Europe During the 1940s and 1950s."
  • "The Criminal and His Scientists: A Symposium on the History of Criminology."
  • "Germany and African Americans: A Comparative Perspective."

New Research Topics at the GHI

  • "Kurt Georg Kiesinger, 1904-1988: A Political Biography"

Archive Report

  • Postwar Germany and American Foreign Policy: The Foreign Affairs Cluster at the National Archives and Records Administration