Conference and Workshop Report

  • New Approaches to Migration Research: German-Americans in Comparative Perspective.
    April 22-24, 1997
  • Constitutive Moments of Transatlantic Relations, 1947-52 and 1997-2002. The Marshall Plan at 50: Retrospective, Prospective.
    May 22, 1997
  • The Culture of Rights: Civil Rights, Participation Rights, and Social Rights in Germany and the United States from the Late 19th Century to the Present.
    June 11-14, 1997
  • Politics and Propaganda: New Approaches to German-American Relations, 1933-1945.
    June 22, 1997
  • Universities in Medieval Society.
    September 18-20, 1997
  • Politik, Gesellschaft und die Institutionalisierung von Geschichtswissen-schaft: Deutschland und die USA im Vergleich.
    September 27, 1997
  • Science and the Historical Discipline in a Transcultural Perspective, 1850-1950.
    October 4-5, 1997

New Research Topics at the GHI

  • America's Berlin: The Divided City and the Cold War in American Culture, Society, and Politics, 1945-1963
  • American Political and Ideological Influences on the Shaping of the West German Basic Law (Grundgesetz) of 1948-49