Accounts of Recent Conferences and Workshops

  • "Germany in the Age of Two Wars, 1914-1945." Transatlantic Doctoral Seminar in German History. Bochum, April 17-20,1996
  • "Fritz Stern: An Appreciation." Washington, D.C., April 26, 1996
  • "1968: The World Transformed." Berlin, May 23-25,1996
  • "Imagination, Ritual, Memory, Historiography: Conceptions of the Past in the Middle Ages." Heidelberg, September 5-7, 1996
  • "Republicanism and Liberalism in America and the German States, 1750-1850." Madison, Wisconsin, October 3-6, 1996

New Topics of Research at the Institute

  • "An Oral History of the Office of Strategic Services."
    Petra Marquardt-Bigman