Accounts of Recent Conferences and Workshops

  • "The Development of Twentieth-Century Consumer Society." Washington, D.C., October 19-21, 1995
  • "'German Atrocities' in 1914: Fact, Fantasy, or Fabrication?" Washington, D.C., November 2, 1995

New Topics of Research at the Institute

  • "'Americana' and German Scholarship: Academic Exchange and the Intellectual Relationship between Germany and the United States, 1876-1920"
    Eckhardt Fuchs
  • "Oral History and German-American Studies: Creating a Reference Resource" (Robert P. Grathwol) 14 "Germany, the United States, and the War in Vietnam"
    Wilfried Mausbach
  • "Ex Libris Adolf Hitler: An Annotated Bibliography of Adolf Hitler's Personal Library"
    Philipp Gassert, Daniel S. Mattern