Accounts of Recent Conferences and Workshops

  • "Germany in the Age of Empire, 1850-1914." Transatlantic Doctoral Seminar Program in Modern German History 1995. Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., April 26-29
  • "The American Conquest of Germany, 1944/45." Washington, D.C., May 9
  • "Germany and the United States in the Era of the Cold War, 1945-1990." Washington, D.C., June 1-2
  • "Transatlantic History and American Exceptionalism: A Symposium in Memory and in Honor of Erich Angermann." Washington, D.C., June 6-8
  • "Losing the Order of History: Some Aspects of Historical Studies in the Intersection of Modernity, Postmodernity, and the Discussion on Memory." Washington, D.C., September 7
  • "Political Myth, Symbolic Politics, and the Shaping of German National Identity in the 19th and 20th Centuries: The Case of Herman the German." Washington, D.C., September 14.