David C. Geyer & Bernd Schäfer, eds.

American Détente and German Ostpolitik, 1969 – 1972

Bulletin Supplement 1 (2004)



David C. Geyer and Bernd Schäfer


The Berlin Wall, Ostpolitik and Détente
Hope Harrison

Superpower Détente: US-Soviet Relations, 1969–1972
Vojtech Mastny

The Path toward Sino-American Rapprochement, 1969–1972
Chen Jian

"Thinking the Unthinkable" to "Make the Impossible Possible": Ostpolitik, Intra-German Policy, and the Moscow Treaty, 1969–1970
Carsten Tessmer

The Treaty of Warsaw: The Warsaw Pact Context
Douglas Selvage

The Missing Link: Henry Kissinger and the Back-Channel Negotiations on Berlin
David C. Geyer

"Washington as a Place for the German Campaign": The U.S. Government and the CDU/CSU Opposition, 1969–1972
Bernd Schaefer

"Take No Risks (Chinese)": The Basic Treaty in the Context of International Relations
Mary E. Sarotte

Ostpolitik: Phases, Short-Term Objectives, and Grand Design
Gottfried Niedhart

Statements and Discussion

Egon Bahr, Vyacheslav Kevorkov, Helmut Sonnenfeldt, James S. Sutterlin, Kenneth N. Skoug, Jonathan Dean