Philipp Gassert & Martin Klimke, eds.

1968: Memories and Legacies of a Global Revolt

Bulletin Supplement 6 (2009)



Introduction: 1968 from Revolt to Research
Philipp Gassert and Martin Klimke

The Americas

Argentina: The Signs and Images of "Revolutionary War"
Hugo Vezzetti

Bolivia: Che Guevara in Global History
Carlos Soria-Galvarro

Canada: 1968 and the New Left
Dimitri Roussopoulos

Colombia: The "Cataluña Movement"
Santiago Castro-Gómez

Mexico: The Power of Memory
Sergio Raúl Arroyo

Peru: The Beginning of a New World
Oscar Ugarteche

USA: Unending 1968
Todd Gitlin

Venezuela: A Sociological Laboratory
Félix Allueva

Asia & Australia

Australia: A Nation of Lotus-Eaters
Hugh Mackay

China: The Process of Decolonization in the Case of Hong Kong
Oscar Ho Hing-kay

India: Outsiders in Two Worlds
Kiran Nagarkar

Japan: "1968"-History of a Decade
Claudia Derichs

Pakistan: The Year of Change
Ghazi Salahuddin

Thailand: The "October Movement" and the Transformation to Democracy
Kittisak Prokati

Africa & The Middle East

Egypt: From Romanticism to Realism
Ibrahim Farghali

Israel: 1968 and the "'67 Generation"
Gilad Margalit

Lebanon: Of Things that Remain Unsaid
Rachid al-Daif

Palestinian Territories: Discovering Freedom in a Refugee Camp
Hassan Khadr

Senegal: May 1968, Africa's Revolt
Andy Stafford

South Africa: Where Were We Looking in 1968?
John Daniel and Peter Vale

Syria: The Children of the Six-Day War
Mouaffaq Nyrabia

Eastern Europe

Czechoslovakia: Lines of Tanks in Prague
Petruška Šustrová

East Germany: "Solidarity with Red Prague"
Philipp Gassert and Elisabeth Piller

Hungary: The Year of Disillusionment
László Márton

Poland: The March Events of 1968
Jerzy Eisler

Russia: The Philosophy of the Long-Haired Rebellion
Victor Yerofeyev

Turkey: The Lost Generation
Zafer Şenocak

Yugoslavia: "Down with the Red Bourgeoisie!"
Želimir Žilnik

Western Europe

Belgium: The End Started in 1968
Paul Goossens

Denmark: Protest and Pragmatism
Thomas Ekman Jørgensen

France: A Journey to Freedom
Mohammad Bennis

Great Britain: "No Place for a Street Fighting Man"
Hans Kundnani

Greece: The Other Side of 1968
Petros Markaris

Ireland: Breaking the Shackles
Nell McCafferty

Italy: "We Demand the Impossible" Giuseppe
Carlo Marino

Netherlands: The Second Liberation
Roel van Duijn

Norway: A Political Awakening
Dag Solstad

Sweden: What Happened to 1968?
Svante Weyler

West Germany: A Return from Cultural Nostalgia to Political Analysis
Claus Leggewie


One, Two, Three, Many 1968s?
A Panel Discussion with Norman Birnbaum, Patty Lee Parmalee, and Tom Hayden