Upcoming edited volume “Einfach weglassen?” features contribution from Andrea Westermann

July 13, 2020

“Einfach weglassen?”- Sammelband zur Verpackungsreduktion" is an upcoming publication featuring a contribution from our Berkeley branch Head of Office, Andrea Westermann.

The collection edited by Melanie Kröger, Jens Pape, and Alexandra Wittwer with Oekom Verlag goes beyond discussions of plastic avoidance to address the problem scientifically from various perspectives. Westermann’s article with Sabine Höhler, “Writing history in the Anthropocene: scaling, accountability, and accumulation” deals with the most significant topics in Anthropocene research, as well as the intersection of the historical and the environmental, and explores how today’s political and economic concerns might cause historians from all backgrounds to also become environmental historians. 

Einfach weglassen? is seeking crowdfunding contributions to release the collection as soon as possible. Thanks to Oekom Verlag’s crowd publishing platform oekom crowd, you can now contribute to this exciting project. For more information visit the publisher's website.