Xenophobia, Racism, Nativism, and National Identity in Germany and the United States: A Comparative Perspective on the Conditions of Intolerance

Jun 08, 1994 - Jun 11, 1994

Conference at the GHI | Conveners: Norbert Finzsch, GHI; Dietmar Schirmer, GHI

Participants: Dietz Bering, University of Cologne; Eileen Boris, Howard University; W. Fitzhugh Brundage, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario; Carl N. Degler, Stanford University; Ute Gerhard, University of Dortmund; Lois E. Horton, George Mason University; Ralf Koch, University of Hamburg; Arnd Krüger, University of Göttingen; Gregg O. Kvistad, University of Denver; Jeffrey M. Peck, Georgetown University; Herbert Shapiro, University of Cincinnati; Frank Trommler, University of Pennsylvania; Patricia Vertinsky, University of British Columbia, Vancouver; Peter Weingart, University of Bielefeld.

Conference Report

[Bulletin 15, Fall 1994, pp. 13-16]