The Uses of Immigrant Letters

May 18, 2007 - May 19, 2007

Conference at the GHI | Conveners: Wolfgang Helbich (Bochum), Anke Ortlepp (GHI)

Bruce Elliott The 2003 Carleton Conference: Limits and Opportunities

Wolfgang Helbich Karl Larsen, 1860-1931; Pioneer of Modern Immigrant Letters Editions

David Fitzpatrick Editing emigrant letters: a utilitarian perspective

Walter Kamphoefner The Real Guidebooks: Advice on Immigration in Letters back to Germany

Susannah U. Bruce War in Ink and Blood. Exploring the Motivations of Irish Catholic Volunteers in the Union Army, 1861-1865 through their letters

Stephan Elspaß Immigrant letters as a source for reconstructing language histories ‘from below’ and how (social) historians can profit from this

Maria Irene Moyna Back at the Rancho: Sociolinguistic Variation among Spanish-speakers in post-Annexation California, 1848-1900

Joe Salmons What immigrant letters can tell us about English in German-American communities

Suzanne Sinke Engendered texts: evaluating gender as a category in nineteenth-century immigrant letters

Volker Depkat Approaching Immigrant Letters as Acts of Transatlantic Communication

David Gerber Exploring the Surfaces and Depths of Immigrant Personal Correspondence; or What Did Kate Bond Want to Say?

Ursula Lehmkuhl The Reconstruction of Life Histories from Immigrant Letter