The Meaning of Conversion in the German-Jewish Past

Mar 16, 1989

Lecture at the GHI | Speaker: Deborah Hertz (SUNY at Binghamton) | Spring Lecture Series 1989


Spring Lecture Series 1989

Germany and America - The Industrial Connection, 1918-1970
February 09, 1989
Volker R. Berghahn (Brown University)

Profession as Vocation:
The Plan of Bureaucracy in Germany in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
March 02, 1989
Jane Caplan (Bryn Mawr College)

The Meaning of Conversion in the German-Jewish Past
March 16, 1989
Deborah Hertz (SUNY at Binghamton)

Sammlungspolitik Revisited:
Conservatism, Popular Politics, and the German Right, 1860-1933
April 14, 1989
Geoffrey Eley (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor)

The Salzburg Protestant Exiles
May 09, 1989
Mack Walker (Johns Hopkins University)

Religious and Ethnic Minorities in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century German Society
June 01, 1989
R. Po-chia Hsia (University of Massachusetts)