The Future of American History

Dec 13, 1991

Lecture at the GHI | Speaker: John Higham, Johns Hopkins University | Fall Lecture Series 1991


Fall Lecture Series 1991

The German State as Institution: Citizens Challenge Civil Servants
September 26, 1991
Gregg O. Kvistad (University of Denver)

The Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871, in Historical Perspective
October 11, 1991
Sir Michael Howard (Yale University)

1871 versus 1789:
German Historians and the Ideological Foundations of Imperial Germany
October 21, 1991
Horst Dippel (University of Kassel)

Painting and Politics in Imperial Germany
November 14, 1991
Marion F. Deshmukh (George Mason University)

Flagging Texts: Ritual Gesture in Early Modern Bureaucratic Prose
November 19, 1991
David W. Sabean (Cornell University)

Ideology and Contingency:
Violence and Terror in the Epochs of the French and Russian Revolutions
December 03, 1991
Arno J. Mayer (Princeton University)

The Future of American History
December 13, 1991
John Higham (Johns Hopkins University)