Screening the Cultural Other: Images of Jews in German Film

May 03, 2000

Lecture at the GHI | Speaker: Frank Stern, Georgetown University | Lecture Series: Two Different Paths to Modernity: Comparative Aspects of German and American History, 1865-1914


Spring Lecture Series 2000

History and Its Images

Seeing the Evidence: Considering the History of Visual Culture for the Masses 
March 07, 2000
Vanessa Schwartz (American University)

Telling Tales on Canvas: Landscape of Frontier Change 
April 14, 2000
William Cronon (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

Seeing Is Not Believing: Some Philosophical and Practical Problems of Images for Historians 
April 25, 2000
Timothy Burke (Swarthmore College)

Screening the Cultural Other: Images of Jews in German Film 
May 03, 2000
Frank Stern (Georgetown University)

Paintings and Prints Reconsidered: On Historical Representation in Early Nineteenth-Century France 
May 18, 2000
Stephen Bann (University of Kent at Canterbury)

The Generation of Memory: The Memory Boom at the End of the Twentieth Century 
June 01, 2000
Jay Winter (Pembroke College, Cambridge)