Peopling the New World: The Transfer of Ideas, Customs, and Social Institutions from Central Europe to the Middle Colonies in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Oct 28, 1992 - Oct 31, 1992

Conference at the University Park, Pennsylvania | Conveners: John B. Frantz, Pennsylvania State University; Hartmut Lehmann, GHI; Carola Wessel, GHI

Participants: E.G. Alderfer, Washington, D.C.; Rosalind J. Beiler, University of Pennsylvania; Patricia U. Bonomi, New York University; Timothy Breen, Northwestern University; Richard D. Brown, University of Connecticut; Dietrich Denecke, University of Göttingen; Richard Dunn, University of Pennsylvania; Armin Paul Frank, University of Göttingen; Mark Häberlein, University of Freiburg; James A. Henretta, University of Maryland at College Park; James H. Hutson, Library of Congress; Manfred Jakubowski-Tiessen, University of Göttingen; Günther Lottes, University of Gießen; Harald Kittel, University of Göttingen; Thomas J. Müller, Archive of the Francke Foundation, Halle; Hans Medick, Max Planck Institute for History, Göttingen; Kathleen Neils Conzen, University of Chicago; A. Gregg Roeber, University of Illinois at Chicago; Beverly Prior Smaby, Clarion University; Mack Walker, Johns Hopkins University; Hermann Wellenreuther, University of Göttingen; Renate Wilson, Johns Hopkins University; Marianne Wokeck, Indiana University.

Conference Report

[Bulletin 11, Fall 1992, pp. 16-18]