Official Opening of the German Historical Institute

Nov 18, 1987

1st Annual Lecture of the GHI | Speaker: Heinrich August Winkler (University of Freiburg) & Bernard Bailyn (Harvard University)

Opening Remarks

  • Professor Hartmut Lehmann, Director of the GHI Washington

Official Greetings

  • by a Representative of the Ministry for Research and Technology of the Federal Republic of Germanyby Chargéd'affaires a.i. Karl Th. Paschke, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • by Professor Robert Forster, Johns Hopkins University, Council of the American Historical Association
  • by Professor Konrad H. Jarausch, University of North Carolina, President of the Conference Group for Central European History
  • by Professor Gerald R: Kleinfeld, Arizona State University, Executive Committee of the German Studies Association

Causes and Consequences of the German Catastrophe
Heinrich August Winkler (University of Freiburg)

From Protestant Peasants to Jewish Intellectuals: The Germans in the Peopling of America
Bernard Bailyn (Harvard University)

Closing Remarks

  • Professor Hartmut Lehmann