Liberalism and Culture in Pre-1848 Berlin

Jun 05, 1990

Lecture at the GHI | Speaker: Jonathan B. Knudsen, Wellesley College | Spring Lecture Series 1990


Spring Lecture Series 1990

Collaborators or Victims: Women in the Third Reich
January 31, 1990
Claudia Koonz (Duke University)

From Trümmerfrauen to Hausfrauen: West German Women, 1945-1955
February 14, 1990
Rebecca L. Boehling (University of Maryland)

The Image of America: Migrants' Hopes and Expectations
March 21, 1990
Dirk Hoerder (University of Bremen)

"Immorality" and Social Order in Germany after the First World War
April 24, 1990
Richard Bessel (Open University)

Liberalism and Culture in Pre-1848 Berlin
June 05, 1990
Jonathan B. Knudsen (Wellesley College)