Immigrant Entrepreneurship in History: Concepts and Case Studies

Jan 07, 2010

GHI-sponsored Panel at the Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association

Participants: Hartmut Berghoff (GHI), Uwe Spiekermann (GHI), Ivan Light (UCLA), Bernard Wong (SFSU), Jeff Fear (University of Redlands)

The German Historical Institute is launching a collaborative transatlantic research project on Immigrant Entrepreneurship: The German-American Business Biography, 1720 to the Present. The project seeks to shed new light on the entrepreneurial and economic capacity of immigrants by investigating the German-American example in the United States. The GHI-sponsored panel at the annual conference of the American Historical Association (January 7-10, 2010 in San Diego) will look beyond the German-American case und enter into a debate on concepts and methodology.  It will discuss different theoretical approaches to the subject of immigrant entrepreneurship from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. At the same time it will bring together case studies from different historical epochs and ethnic groups to explore what immigrations across the centuries had in common and what made their experiences unique.