Hitler and Genghis Khan

Dec 13, 1990

Lecture at the GHI | Speaker: Richard Breitman, American University | Fall Lecture Series 1990


Fall Lecture Series 1990

The Quest for an Iconography of Revolution: Politically Engaged Artists in the Weimar Republic
September 20, 1990
Vernon L. Lidtke (Johns Hopkins University)

The Liberal Power Monopoly in Imperial Germany's Cities
October 02, 1990
Harmut Pogge von Strandmann (University College Oxford)

W. E. B. DuBois in Germany
November 05, 1990
David Levering Lewis (Rutgers University)

Corporatism and Countrywomen: The German Federation of Agricultural Housewifes' Associations
December 07, 1990
Renate Bridenthal (Brooklyn College at CUNY)

Hitler and Genghis Khan
December 13, 1990
Richard Breitman (American University)