GHI Research Seminar

Oct 21, 1998

  • Der Sonderweg Sonoras: Eine mexikanische Region als Interessensgebiet und Experimentierfeld ausländischer Mächte, 1821-1876
    Delia Gonzales Alfonso (University of Cologne)
  • 'To Serve the People and to Increase their Numbers': the Medical Reform Policies of Dr. Johann Peter Frank, 1745-1821
    Katherine Bell (University of California at Davis)
  • Returning Prisoners-of-War and the Reconstruction of Citizenship in East and West Germany, 1945-1955
    Frank Biess (Brown University)
  • Rechtsextremismus in den USA 
    Thomas Grumke (Technical University of Berlin)
  • Allied Compliance with the 1929 Geneva Convention and the 1907 Hague Rules of Land Warfare in the Postwar Occupation of Germany
    Richard D. Wiggers (Georgetown University)