German Industry under the Swastika

May 15, 2001

Lecture at the GHI | Speaker: Peter Hayes, Northwestern University | Lecture Series: The Third Reich in Historical Perspective


Spring Lecture Series 2001

The Third Reich in Historical Perspective

National Socialism and Women 
March 01, 2001
Gisela Bock (Free University of Berlin)

German Industry under the Swastika 
March 15, 2001
Peter Hayes (Northwestern University)

The Arena of the Holocaust: Concentration Camps, Killing Centers, and Killing Fields 
April 05, 2001
Henry Friedlander (Brooklyn College at CUNY)

The Germans and Their Nazi Past: From Adenauer to Kohl 
April 18, 2001
Norbert Frei (University of Bochum)

When Jesus Was an Aryan: Protestant Theology during the Third Reich 
May 17, 2001
Susannah Heschel (Dartmouth College)