German Imperial Biographies: Soldiers, Scientists, and Officials and the 'Arendt Thesis'

May 04, 2006

Workshop at the GHI | Conveners: Eric D. Weitz (U. of Minnesota), Jürgen Zimmerer (U. of Essen), Karen Oslund (GHI)

David Furber (Cornell University)
Tenuous Connections: The First and Second German Empire 

Malte Fuhrmann (Zentrum Moderner Orient)
From the Orient Colony to the Home Front against Democracy: The Career of Hans Humann, a Modern Imperialist Activist 

Christian Geulen (Koblenz University)
African Screen: Carl Peters and the Colonial Culture in Weimar and Nazi Germany 

Jennifer Jenkins (University of Toronto)
Excavating Zarathustra: Orientalism, Nationalism and Ernst Herzfeld’s Archaeological History of Iran 

Robert Nelson (University of Windsor)
A German in the Prairies: Max Sering, Imperialism, and Inner Colonization 

Lenny Urena (University of Michigan)
Intimacies of Empire: Epidemics, Racial Hygiene, and the Works of Cocky Physicians in the Prussian-Polish Provinces, 1890-1905 

Todd H. Weir (University of Washington)
Colonial Violence and Socialist Conversion: The Case of Ernst Däumig 

Eric D. Weitz (University of Minnesota)
Race, Imperialism, and Genocides: The German Imperial Realm, 1890-1945